Network much?

What is the most effective way to find a job? How can you have a positive impact on your career? How can you build more meaningful relationships professionally? The answer to these three questions is by building your network! So, why is it that in a recent study by Marketing Expertus, only 25% of professionals […]

Our words matter.

Many of us struggle with language and the use or perceived misuse of words. In recent years, our word choices in certain areas have come to communicate much more than the plain meaning of a word. Words like diversity, privilege, and ally have taken on meanings based on the cultural and social context of the […]

360 feedback and influence.

Receiving feedback from direct reports, peers, and managers can be challenging to digest. My mindset in these moments is that there is a grain of truth in almost every piece of feedback I receive because, for the person giving the feedback, this is how they perceive me. However, this does not always lessen the sting […]

A nod to the Oscars: “King Richard,” lessons about life and leadership.

This year there are ten movies nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. In our ongoing journey exploring lessons about life and leadership, I thought it would be fun to take a closer look at one of these contenders and see what gems it gives us. My Oscar pick goes to King Richard, a biographical […]

In my own words.

My life as a black a professional has required me to divorce myself from parts of who I am, and this point of societal inflection has provided me with the opportunity for pause and self-reflection. It has taken me much longer than I expected to compose my thoughts about where we find ourselves in the […]

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