Wars, Battles, and Skirmishes

A mantra I live by as a leader is prioritizing winning the war for my teams, knowing it means losing some battles and skirmishes along the way. Distractions can easily veer one off course, but I make it a point to stay focused on my ultimate goal and embrace obstacles. Doing this has taken time […]

Network much?

What is the most effective way to find a job? How can you have a positive impact on your career? How can you build more meaningful relationships professionally? The answer to these three questions is by building your network! So, why is it that in a recent study by Marketing Expertus, only 25% of professionals […]

Power and Influence.

When I used to drive my daughter to school, I had what I call my “chauffeur lesson of the day.” Words of wisdom that I impart during our five-minute car ride. At the age of fifteen, the age of innocence in her world was beginning to fade as she was in the midst of her […]

360 feedback and influence.

Receiving feedback from direct reports, peers, and managers can be challenging to digest. My mindset in these moments is that there is a grain of truth in almost every piece of feedback I receive because, for the person giving the feedback, this is how they perceive me. However, this does not always lessen the sting […]

The penalty box.

Have you ever felt as if you have been placed in the “penalty box” by your manager? Everyone has at one time or another. But why is that? There can be many reasons. Sometimes we misinterpret what a manager or leader says; at other times, we fill in the gaps with our own narrative, and […]

A nod to the Oscars: “King Richard,” lessons about life and leadership.

This year there are ten movies nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. In our ongoing journey exploring lessons about life and leadership, I thought it would be fun to take a closer look at one of these contenders and see what gems it gives us. My Oscar pick goes to King Richard, a biographical […]

What is, “The Power of Venn?”

My father was a mathematician, a professor of mathematics, a department chair, and a logician who solved algorithms. But this apple fell far from that tree. I have never been gifted in mathematics, but I have always been fascinated by the visual dynamism of mathematics. Venn diagrams have become a component of my personal and […]

Why should you ask for permission to fail?

Leaders bear a heavy burden to produce results. For a leader, managing risk in a risk-averse work environment can be a tricky proposition. So how does innovation affect results and how does risk affect innovation? Most managers and leaders avoid mid to higher-level risk propositions because it makes them vulnerable and fearful of failure or […]

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